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Numerical investigation of the undrained compression and pull-out capacity of suction foundations in clay

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This paper presents the results of three-dimensional finite difference analysis of suction foundations in uniform and non-uniform clays under undrained conditions. The Tresca criterion was used to simulate the stress-strain response. The bearing capacity of the foundations was investigated, with the degree of nonhomogeneity (kD/sum) of soil varying from 0 to 5, and the embedment depth being up to four times the foundation diameter. The end bearing capacity factor in compression and the reverse bearing capacity factor in tension were both calculated and were compared with each other under different foundation displacements. Numerical results showed that the ultimate bearing capacity factor can have the same value in cases of both compression and tension. The recommended ultimate bearing capacity factor is determined on the basis of the embedment ratio and displacement magnitude, and the displacement is not more than 30% of the foundation diameter. Finally, two equations are proposed to evaluate both the bearing capacity factor and the effective depth factor.
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  • Department of Civil Engineering and State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai 200240 CHINA
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