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New threat to global transport. GNSS receiver spoofing

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Transport and logistics in XXI century relies on the several technical systems for assuring safe and reliable operations. One of widely used systems are satellite positioning systems, used to monitoring transport means and cargo itself. Reliability of the whole transport chain is often combined with singular reliability of satellite monitoring system. Possible threats to precise positioning of any vehicle is GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) deliberate interference. So called spoofing interference can mislead receiver in transport objective for reporting entirely wrong position and timing. To fight with this phenomena’s antispoofing techniques are developed. This paper will provide a review of late researches in field of GNSS anti-spoofing on the side of receiver. GNSS receiver vulnerabilities for a spoofer (device) attack will be presented as well as anti-spoofing algorithms. Possible limitation, costs as well as countermeasures methods will be shown thoroughly. Some of recent trends in anti-spoofing techniques in the world will be outlined up to date.
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