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The research directions of increase effectiveness of the functioning of the RSA with regard to specialized transport

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The article concerns on a methodological approach to design Rest and Service Areas. Because there is recorded steady growth in food cargo that require specific temperatures its resulting in an increase in demand for specialized transport. Transportation of food is usually done using vehicles equipped with refrigeration or heating. The article presents the design requirements for Rest and Service Areas (RSA), which is one of the most important elements of the road network, that condition affects the safety of drivers and cargo. Based on growth assumptions of effectiveness a functional model of RSA consisting five data bases and nine research tasks has been proposed. As a primary parameter studied in the model was the RSA effectiveness assessed by the rate of parking spaces utilization. The values of this index were estimated according to the share of traffic cars leave the motorway to the traffic flow of cars on the motorway. Evaluation of test results was based on the indicative comparative analysis of the existing and forecasted traffic flows of trucks with loads sensitive to the conditions and the time of their carriage. In the article pointed out that decisions taken in the course of modernization of the national RSA network should be reviewed and assessed through simulation studies of the transport process taking into account different boundary conditions, a risk analysis of transport depending on the type of transported cargo and analyze the efficiency and profitability of the national network creation of parking places adapted to specialized service of trucks carrying food cargo.
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