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Suppressing Vibrations of a Rotating Active Composite Beam by a Cubic Velocity Feedback Control Method

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This study presents an analysis of a dynamic system consisting of a rigid hub and a cantilever flexible composite beam with an embedded active piezoelectric element. The system is excited by periodic oscillations of the hub angular speed. The macro fiber composite (MFC) active element is used to suppress beam vibrations. In the mathematical formulation of the problem the non-classical effects like material anisotropy and mode coupling due to an arbitrary stacking sequence of the laminate as well as the transverse shear deformations of the material are taken into account. Derived in previous research governing equations of the considered system are solved numerically by the finite difference method. Results of a numerical simulation are compared with experimental data including frequencies and mode shapes of natural vibrations and responses to unit step function excitations. Finally, the effectiveness of the piezoelectric actuator and the tested cubic velocity feedback control algorithm in order to suppress system vibrations is evaluated.
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  • Lublin University of Technology, Department of Applied Mechanics
  • Lublin University of Technology, Department of Applied Mechanics
  • Lublin University of Technology, Department of Applied Mechanics
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