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Enhanced image processing for infrared non-destructive testing

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This paper presents a review and in-depth analysis of three of the most popular techniques for processing PT images: differential absolute contrast, thermographic signal reconstruction and pulsed phase thermography. The fundamental concepts of the three techniques are reviewed and their application on thermal data obtained from the PT inspection on a carbon fibre reinforced specimen is analysed. Furthermore, a new promissory technique based on multivariate statistical analysis is also introduced and evaluated. The performance of the techniques is evaluated in terms of the signal-to-noise ratio at maximum signal contrast.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Santa Catarina 88040-900, Florianopolis, Brazil
  • Electrical and Computing Engineering Dept., Laval University G1K 704, Quebec City, Canada
  • Electrical and Computing Engineering Dept., Laval University G1K 704, Quebec City, Canada
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