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Key aspects of the proper formulation of the model in numerical analysis of the influence of mining exploitation on buildings

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Numerical modelling is an important tool used to analyse various aspects of the impact of underground mining on existing and planned buildings. The interaction between the building and the soil is a complex matter and in many cases a numerical simulation is the only way of making calculations which will take into consideration the co-existence of a number of factors which have a significant influence on the solution. The complexity of the matter also makes it a difficult task to elaborate a proper mathematical model – it requires both a thorough knowledge of geologic conditions of the subsoil and the structural characteristics of the building. This paper discusses the most important problems related to the construction of a mathematical model of a building–mining subsoil system. These problems have been collected on the basis of many years of experience the authors have in observing the surveying and tensometric deformations of the rock-mass and buildings as well as in mathematical and numerical modelling of the observed processes.
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