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Preconditiong and Inoculation of Low Sulphur Grey Iron

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For quality grey cast iron production, the challenging issues are to avoid cementite structure and obtain the desired graphite morphology with proper matrix as well as hardness. The objective of the present research is to find out the right combination of preconditioner and inoculant that may help to overcome the challenges. In this work, sulphur content is kept low (0.01%). Two preconditioners namely metallurgical SiC and zirconium bearing FeSi with two types of inoculant are individually used to make four combinations of sample and for each case metal is poured into the green sand mould. Finally Brinell hardness and graphite morphology is observed in the thickest and thinnest portions of the castings. Metallurgical SiC with barium bearing inoculant gives better graphite morphology and hardness than strontium bearing inoculant, on the other hand zirconium bearing FeSi gives more satisfying result than SiC with every type of inoculant. Among all of the combinations Zr bearing preconditioner with Ba bearing inoculant gives good graphite morphology with best mechanical properties in both thickest and thinnest portions of the casting.
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  • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Shahbagh, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh,
  • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology Shahbagh, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
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